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The year is 4720 and humans have now ventured far into deep space, giving rise to new professions that never existed back on planet Earth. But there is one profession out of all of the rest that is so important, so exhilarating, and so rewarding that only a select few are chosen for it. Well…Not really the truth is, that it is so dangerous that only one human was crazy enough to rise to the challenge and become a Meteor Cleaner. That crazy human's name is Earl. Earl is now in the Boὄtes constellation, attempting to clear out the Plowman's asteroid field, the most dangerous asteroid field in the galaxy. Long ago many tried to clear out this very important route, which cuts travel time significantly for all those traveling in space; but none succeeded.


Crazy Earl: A young human, whose rough and scruffy appearance makes him look a lot older than he truly is. His profession is: Meteor Cleaner.

The wanderer: This is crazy Earl's ship. It is not the most technologically advanced ship

in the universe, but it will do.

Plutonian: A race of extraterrestrials that moved from their "planet" to avoid the human

infestation in their galaxy; they now live in Plowman's asteroid field. Their profession is: unknown.

1 to start and 3 to quit

Arrow keys or WASD control movement, U or space fires.

How long can you survive in the vastness of space with only your ship and a gun destroy everything around you and collect what you can.

Install instructions

Mac and PC builds included, download and unzip. Then run the appropriate executable .


CMC_Final.zip 103 MB
Crazy Meteor Cleaner Windows.zip 67 MB
Crazy Meteor Cleaner_OSX.app.zip 35 MB


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I put my pants on just like everyone else, one leg at a time. But now I don't because I play this game 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and never leave my home. Never before have I been able to live as I do in this virtual world. I have always dreamed of dropping massive globs of destruction upon the skys above and now my dream has been realized. Biggame, you are my hero, my savior, my lord. Thank you.

13/8 Would play again every day of my life

AMAZING Game ★★★★★ Very satisfying to play and so pretty

Thank you very much!